The mission of HOW TO: Pro Tools is to provide quality information for getting the most out of your PT rig. The HOW TOs distributed through TutorialDEPOT are all well thought out and organized to maximize your learning potential. The HOW TOs presented will cover from the basic fundamentals, to intermediate and advanced topics. In addition to the weekly HOW TOs look for bonus material covering the new features in Pro Tools and related production information.
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HOW TO: Pro Tools PREMIUM Bundle 1 - Bundle 2 on the way
Stay tuned for an announcement of our Premium Membership HOW TO Pro Tools Enhanced podcast. A new batch of PT HOW TOs are in production. Level: Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced
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Steve Thomas is a musician, vocalist, composer, arranger, and audio engineer currently based out of Columbus, Ohio. As a freelance technical writer, he has created/edited content for the Cool School Interactus series of educational interactive CD-ROMS including "Digital Performer 4 CSi Master" (Course Technology PTR, and "CSi vol. 10: Audio Plug-Ins" (Course Technology PTR, Steve also served as an audio engineer/instructor at The Recording Workshop, teaching topics ranging from basic recording-engineering concepts, to more advanced applications of Pro Tools within music and post-production. Outside of his educational endeavors, Steve has been involved in the music industry for many years. He has worked as a session vocalist for Toshiba EMI records, a composer for Pass Music Japan, a VJ for BMJ Music Japan, accompanied various Japanese artists as a piano/keyboard player, and is now currently hard at work with his own band, Keywise.
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