The mission of HOW TO: Logic Pro is to provide quality information for getting the most out of your Logic rig. The HOW TOs distributed through TutorialDEPOT are all well thought out and organized to maximize your learning potential. The HOW TOs presented will cover from the basic definitions, to production tips, to advanced techniques. The HOW TOs presented will cover from the basic fundamentals, to intermediate and advanced topics. In addition to the weekly HOW TOs look for bonus material covering the new features in Logic Pro and related production information.
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Geoff Warder is a Logic Pro and DAW veteran, musician, composer, and teacher. Geoff has been teaching at Fanshawe since 1996 in the School of Contemporary Media. He teaches classes in the Music Industry Arts program, on MIDI Applications and Audio Post Production. Geoff has also been teaching a digital theory for compositing course for the Digital Post Production grad students.