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Bundle 1 - Movies 1-10 downloads
* Added bonus - Includes 2 additional HOW TOs
HOW TO: Record Drums is the premier training video podcast for getting the most out of your Drum Recordings. Geared toward the musician, hobbyist, and aspiring recording engineer---this series delivers concise info from the basics to more advanced tips, opinions, and techniques. Look for future HOW TOs featuring guest engineers presenting unique insights on how they get "THAT" sound. Rock on! The HOW TOs range from short format FREE Tips, to full length detailed tutorials availble through our PREMIUM bundles. This series provides viewing and rss feed options for small screen mobile devices, to the desktop, to large widescreen HDTVs. Get your HOW TOs when you need them, anyway, anywhere, anytime.
HOW TO: Record Drums-TIPS is a FREE training video podcast providing quick tips for getting more out of your Drum Recordings. The tips provided are snippets from the full length tutorials available through the HOW TO: Record Drums-PREMIUM Bundles podcasts.
HOW TO: Record Drums - PREMIUM bundles provide access to select HOW TO Record Drums PREMIUM tutorials for instant download. These bundles are compiled from the full length widescreen (16:9) 640x360 format enhanced tutorials in our PREMIUM HOW TO: Record Drum movie library.
001-Drum Kit Overview
002-Kick-Shure Beta 52A
003-Snare-Shure SM57
004-Toms-Sennheiser e604
005-Hi-Hat-Neumann KM 184
006-Overheads-AKG C414
007-Sound and Level Check
008-3 Mic Technique-CAD Percussion Packs
009-Hand Percussion-CAD TSM411
010-Drum Tuning
011-Metal - Kick - Sennheiser 602E
012-Metal - Cymbals -Shure SM81