The mission of HOW TO: Record Drums is to provide quality information for getting the most out of your drum recordings. The HOW TOs distributed through TutorialDEPOT are all well thought out and organized to maximize your learning potential. The HOW TOs presented will cover from the basic definitions, to production tips, to advanced techniques. Many of the tips and techniques in this series are subjective, but it is our hope that the underlying principals provided will get you on your way to better drum recordings. As the series progresses we will be including a wide variety techniques, tips, and opinions to help you get the sound you're looking for.
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Chad Loughrige holds a BM in Music Media from Capital University, Columbus, Ohio. As an experienced drummer of 18 years, he has played professionally with numerous touring groups including The West Ohio Big Band, The Tropics Island Band, and the pop-rock group Keywise. Chad is currently employed as an audio engineer, instructor, and lecturer at The Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, Ohio, where he educates students on the concepts and techniques of the recording arts.
AmeriSound Studios - Columbus Ohio. Dan Green, Chris Breck
GBS Records and OATH Studios - Columbus Ohio, Tom Boyer, Eric French
Musicol Recording - Columbus Ohio, John Hull, Warren Hull
Recording Workshop- Chillicothe Ohio, Jim Rosebrook, Brian Muth
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